CardBoard Live partnership with Team Lotus Box

Dear fans of CardBoard Live, We are excited to announce our partnership with Team Lotus Box! They are seriously awesome and have an amazing (Spirit) squad, solid content, and phenomenal online presence. Lotus Box is one of the finest Magic teams around and we look forward to changing the Magic landscape together. Check out Team Lotus Box on Twitter and support them on Patreon. Lotus Box team members:
  • Zan Syed (Captain)
  • Collins Mullen
  • Dylan Donegan
  • Kat Light
  • Jon Rosum
  • Abe Corrigan
Announcement: New jersey: CardBoard Live is totally free for all streamers to use. Magic Online, Arena, or paper tournament — we’ve got you covered. To get started, check out this tutorial video. — Thanks for reading! James Hsu Co-founder, CardBoard Live