The future of card and board game online entertainment.

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We’re in beta and release limited information to the public.

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Experience card & board games online in a new way.

We are creating a superior experience for viewers while increasing incentives for streamers and making organizing tournaments simpler and more transparent. Our current focus is on Magic: the Gathering.

  • For viewers interact with decklists and player bios, hover-over and expand cards in play, and purchase cards directly on screen.
  • For streamers increase engagement by providing interactive game information and monetize through commissions from in-stream purchases.
  • For tournament organizers collect and manage decklists digitally with a judge portal and track key metrics from events.

Take card and board game streaming to a new level.

CardBoard.Live will make each stream more interactive, which means more engaged and informed viewers. We believe this will strengthen the entire ecosystem for watching and streaming card and board games online.

Before CardBoard.Live
After CardBoard.Live


Before CardBoard.Live
  • Decklists hidden from viewers
  • Small and blurry card images on-screen
After CardBoard.Live
  • Know everything the players know
  • Full decklists available on-screen; hover and expand each card through image recognition


Before CardBoard.Live
  • Player profiles hidden from viewers
  • Bios and results must be retrieved from other sites, often after the event
After CardBoard.Live
  • See player bios and stats in-stream
  • Live tournament standings; real-time metagame analysis


Before CardBoard.Live
  • Must leave stream to make purchase
  • Streamers are not rewarded financially
After CardBoard.Live
  • Make purchases without leaving the stream
  • Streamers are supported through commissions from every sale

CardBoard Live is an amazing tool for increasing stream viewership.

Bryant CookOwner,

Cardboard Live has reduced the number of simple questions chat members are asking me, allowing me to focus on more interesting questions and talking through my lines of play more.

Phillip GallagherOwner,

CardBoard.Live brings engagement and viewer interaction to a whole new level!

Jerry MeeHost, Leaving a Legacy Podcast