CardBoard Live March 2019 update: SCG Tour, MagicFest LA, and PAX Mythic Invitational

Dear fans of CardBoard Live, What a great month it’s been for Magic coverage on Twitch! Here is a breakdown of high-level events using the CardBoard Live solution. CardBoard Live is totally free for all streamers to use. Magic Online, Arena, or paper tournament — we’ve got you covered. To get started, check out this tutorial video.

Star City Games (SCG) Tour

Where to watch: Star City Games continues to be a HUGE supporter of CardBoard Live. We love their amazing SCG Tour series, featuring some of the best talent in the Magic competitive scene. In March, the following events were run using CBL:
  • SCG Syracuse
  • SCG Philly
  • SCG Cincinnati
Memorable moments:

MagicFest Los Angeles by Channel Fireball Events

Where to watch: Channel Fireball Events pulled out all the stops for Los Angeles, bar none. And Cardboard Live was at the center of it all. Amazing Modern main event. World-class commentary and floor coverage. A high-level MCQ event…for the Pauper format…on camera! Memorable moments:

PAX Mythic Invitational

Where to watch: Last but certainly not least — the biggest Magic tournament of all time, with a gigantic prize pool of $1,000,000. This marks the beginning of a new era for Magic organized play. And guess what…the Mythic Invitational is powered by CardBoard Live! We are honored to play a part in this historic event. The announcement: Mythic Invitational Day 1 action: Coming soon:

Who is building CardBoard Live?

— Thanks for reading! James Hsu Co-founder, CardBoard Live