CardBoard Live updates – January 2019

Dear fans of CardBoard Live, Happy 2019! With the advent of a new year comes the opportunity to try and do things better. There’s one thing that we, at CardBoard Live, want to get better at — and that’s communication. This year, we want to be more communicative when it comes to letting you know about new product developments. I’m James Hsu, co-founder and CTO of CardBoard Live. My business partner Wilson Hunter and I have some exciting updates to share with you. We believe that a blog is an excellent, evergreen way to consistently share information. Please give us feedback on how we can improve within this format — let’s keep the conversation flowing.

Powering the SCG Open viewing experience

aa CardBoard Live is excited to support all Star City Games Open events in 2019. SCG is our biggest partner and advocate. We recently introduced extension support for all SCG Open events, including “Team Opens” with teams of three players. The reaction to on-stream player decklists and metagame analysis has been wonderful. Here is a sample tweet from a viewer: bbbbbbbb And we are just getting started. More cool stuff is on the way! We are deeply grateful to Pete Hoefling and SCG for their support of CBL, and passion to make Magic coverage as awesome as possible. For the complete SCG broadcasting schedule, check out Pete’s announcement.

For streamers: what’s new this month

0Add “Custom Cards” to your decklists. If you’ve ever wanted to stream new spoiler/preview cards before their “official” release date, this is the way to go. Note: our extension and web portal fully supports all Magic cards from all sets, including the recently-released Ravnica Allegiance set. The custom cards feature is for the creative, futuristic types who want to stream cards before street date. aShare the URL of your decklist. To share your deck, either access the “Share deck” link in the extension, or go to your decklist builder in the web portal for your deck and click “share deck URL.” Note: that’s my Blue-Red Delver decklist for the Legacy format. It’s a ton of fun and I highly recommend it if you want a powerful deck that wins games quickly. Lots of bug fixes. Many user-reported bugs, like the inability to click-to-open decklists on newer versions of Google Chrome, have been fixed. We have also eradicated some strange bugs related to full screen and theater mode.

Want to run your Magic stream with CardBoard Live?

aaa Are you streaming Magic on Twitch? You can set up CardBoard Live for any Magic stream — whether it is Arena, Magic Online, or paper Magic. Just search for “CardBoard Live” via the Twitch extension store and install us. Be up and running in five minutes or less. Questions or tech support? Hit me up:

Who is behind CardBoard Live?

— Thanks for reading! James Hsu Co-founder, CardBoard Live