CardBoard Live at MTGVegas: everything that happened.

Dear fans of CardBoard Live,

We just witnessed the exciting conclusion of a glorious #MTGVegas weekend, hosted by It proved to be one of the biggest Magic events of the year.

Congratulations to all competitors, including the winners of the Modern and Limited Grand Prix events, respectively — Simon Nielsen and Allen Wu. It will be fun to see these players battle at the MC once again.

The CardBoard Live partnership with ChannelFireball began in #MTGLA, carried its way into #MTGDFW, and landed here in Vegas. We are super excited to continue working with CFB CardBoard Live and raise the bar for the Magic viewing experience.

For Vegas, we unveiled a brand-new decklist view exclusively designed for CFB:

Next, we enabled the full metagame breakdown for all viewers:

Last but certainly not least, we piloted auto-card rendering for ChannelFireball, for the first time!

A new innovation: text/image recognition technology that renders the appropriate Magic card based on what viewers highlight in the “Cards in Hand” zone.

We learned from the community feedback of #MythicInvitationalIV to make this technology better than ever:

  • Improved detection accuracy -> running all weekend for all events on camera
  • Better UI: less annoying to viewers -> zero complaints and MUCH lower disable rates

What’s next for coverage?

We continue to power live coverage of all major Magic tournaments, including the ChannelFireball MagicFest GPs and the SCG Tour.

We are taking all of the community feedback to further improve the Magic viewing experience. More features and innovations will be announced, so keep your eyes open at #MythicInvitationalV.

Bonus section: what’s next for Arena?

The CardBoard Live for Arena extension has been running for a few months in limited Beta release. If you are a connoisseur of fine Magic streaming content, chances are high that you’ve seen folks like Andrea Mengucci and AliasV use it on a daily basis.

We will be “going wide” soon with another announcement — stay tuned!

Who is building CardBoard Live?

Thanks for reading!

Wilson Hunter and James Hsu

CardBoard Live