The CardBoard.Live #MTGWorlds recap. Plus: **EXCLUSIVE** merch giveaway!

What a great weekend! Here is the #MTGWorlds recap from the CardBoard.Live perspective.

As a valued member of the CBL community โ€“ whether you are a fan, viewer, streamer, or all of the above โ€“ THANK YOU.

You played an integral part in our collective success with your generous and vocal support. Over the past couple of months, you have given us a TON of valuable feedback and helped us shape the product for the better.

We are so deeply appreciative of your support that we would like to tell you about a sweet CBL merchandise giveaway. Be sure to read on to the very end of this article.

Please congratulate Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa as the new Magic World Champion!

Paulo Vitor (โ€œPVโ€) outlasted 15 other top competitors in an incredible event with some fantastic commentary, stellar gameplay, and solid coverage.

Becoming World Champion was the final item on PVโ€™s bucket list. In an interview with Humans of Magic 3.5 years ago, he made this abundantly clear.

Gabriel Nassifโ€™s stellar run

Truly incredible to see a true legend of the game, and CBL-sponsored streamer extraordinaire, Gabriel โ€œYellowhatโ€ Nassif finish in the Top 4.

Gabriel Nassif has been crushing the game for decades. We are excited to see what else is in store for the French phenom.

#MTGWorlds coverage โ€“ highlights

Overall presentation

Viewers received the full deluxe CardBoard.Live treatment, in partnership with our excellent friends over at Wizards of the Coast. Want to see all the cards in play? Playersโ€™ decklists? Live standings? CardBoard.Live has you covered.

The community took notice. High praise, indeed.

Read Matt Sperling’s full article here.

Limited gameplay

Viewers were excited to find out that #MTGWorlds would be broadcast entirely via Magic Arena โ€“ even the Limited gameplay.

The innovation that Wizards of the Coast presented for the draft segment โ€“ a timewalked recap with post-production commentary โ€“ was remarkable.

Viewers responded with warm praise.

We will be working with Wizards of the Coast to further push the envelope. Stay tuned!

โ€œHalo effectโ€ of introducing new streamers to CBL via #MTGWorlds

We received an unprecedented amount of new requests to use the CardBoard.Live for Arena extensionโ€ฆDURING #MTGWorlds weekend.

Streamers around the world are seeing the value of a rich interactive overlay to tell the full story to their audiences. And they have responded in kind.

If you are looking to stream Magic of any kind โ€“ Arena, Magic Online, or Tabletop โ€“ get in touch with us now. Email us over at and we will get you all set up ๐Ÿ™‚

CBL Merch Giveaway

Black on the outside, purple on the inside. Super comfortable all around.

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