CardBoard Live Sept 2019 update: TwitchCon & State of the Beta.

Dear fans of CardBoard Live,

TwitchCon San Diego: September 27-29

Wilson and James of CardBoard Live will be at TwitchCon San Diego this week. We’ll be hanging out at the Magic meetups, as described in this WOTC article.

Look for us in our CBL jerseys. We’d love to chat!

Actual picture of Wilson and James. James is gesticulating wildly. Come find us and say hi!

CardBoard Live for Arena: state of the Beta

CBL for Arena in action:

CardBoard Live for Arena remains in closed Beta via invite-only access. The goal is simple: enable the best streaming and storytelling experience for Arena, and give viewers maximum insight into the complex game that is Magic.

We have been in constant communication with Arena streamers. The community feedback has been invaluable — it has helped us refine features, think outside-the-box, and improve the overall stability of the product.

On the eve of the Throne of Eldraine launch, we are tremendously grateful for the generosity and support of the community. Words cannot express how happy we are to be an integral part of the Arena streaming experience.

CardBoard Live for Arena has come a long way in the past few months, but we are far from done. Many exciting things are in store.

If you would like to join the Beta movement, contact us! Let us know your Twitch channel, Discord handle, and reasons for why YOU want to use CBL for Arena. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’d like to highlight some of our favorite features here —

For streamers: decklists are automatically shown while you play. No upload necessary.
For viewers: export the deck on the stream for yourself, into Arena format.
Use the !decklist command in Twitch chat to get a link of the played deck. We also show recently played decks — see green outline.
Click on the Library and you’ll see real-time display of “cards remaining” with percentages — perfect for figuring out whether your favorite streamer is going to get out of a tight jam.
Draft hover-over support AND rankings!! We are working with Luis Scott-Vargas to have all his ratings in CBL, including Throne of Eldraine.
Ditto for Deathsie’s ratings! Deathsie uses letter grades (S, A, B, C…) and we also support his rating scale.

Who is building CardBoard Live?

Thanks for reading!

Wilson Hunter and James Hsu

CardBoard Live