CardBoard Live updates – February 2019

Dear fans of CardBoard Live, Happy February! I’m James Hsu, co-founder and CTO of CardBoard Live. My business partner Wilson Hunter and I have some exciting announcements to share with you this month. In case you missed it, last month’s updates are here. We believe that a blog is an excellent, evergreen way to consistently share information. Please give us feedback on how we can improve within this format. Let’s keep the conversation flowing.

The new cardboard_live chatbot

  Starting this month, a cardboard_live chatbot will join all Twitch channels with the CardBoard Live extension installed. The chatbot allows you, the viewer, to do the following:
  • Type “!decklist [player name]” to have the chatbot whisper the on-screen decklist to you.
  • Type “!card [any Magic card]” to have the chatbot whisper the Magic card information to you.
We will be designing richer and more diverse chatbot commands in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Introducing stream monetization! Buy cards on-stream and support your favorite streamer

We are giving CardBoard Live streamers the ability to offer card sales directly on their Twitch channel. We have partnered with our friends at Card Kingdom to offer sales through their incredible selection of Magic singles. This program is currently in Limited Beta status and is open to a handful of streamers, via invites. Scroll down to the next section to see the streamer list — and give them a follow, too! 🙂 What exactly does this mean for you, the streamer?
  • Viewers can buy cards from your CardBoard Live decklist, via a special affiliate link generated by the extension.
  • Purchases made through your channel will generate commissions — directly going into YOUR pocket.
  • Get creative — encourage viewers to support your stream while fulfilling their card purchasing needs — a win-win situation.
  • Let us know your feedback — the growing interaction between you and your audience is only beginning. We would love to develop new interaction models with YOUR suggestions.
  • Interested in joining the Beta? Contact us.
What does this mean for you, the viewer?
  • This is a direct way to scratch your Magic card-buying itch AND support your favorite streamer at the same time.
  • Your purchases will help them earn commissions and support their craft.
What does this mean for you, the Magic online retailer?
  • We want to work with you to set this up! The affiliate links can be customized for streamers to toggle between different retailers, and we want YOUR store to be an option.
  • This is a great way for you to support your favorite streamers, as well as monetize your own event streams.
  • Interested in working with CardBoard Live? Contact us.

Current CardBoard Live streamers using stream monetization

100% amazing streams. Give them a follow!

Community feedback

Our Star City Games partnership continues to draw attention from the community. Here are some tweets from the recent #SCGBALT (Baltimore) and #SCGDFW (Dallas) events.




How do I run my Magic stream with CardBoard Live?

aaa Are you streaming Magic on Twitch? You can set up CardBoard Live for any Magic stream — whether it is Arena, Magic Online, or paper Magic. Just search for “CardBoard Live” via the Twitch extension store and install us. Be up and running in five minutes or less. Questions or tech support? Hit me up:

Who is behind CardBoard Live?

— Thanks for reading! James Hsu Co-founder, CardBoard Live