CardBoard Live at MC London: everything that happened.

Dear fans of CardBoard Live,

What a stellar month it’s been for CardBoard Live. We carried the momentum of the PAX Mythic Invitational straight into MC London.

The CardBoard Live team partnered with our dear friends at Wizards of the Coast to power the #MythicChampionshipII event: live decklists, standings, and metagame analysis. CardBoard Live became a seamless part of the viewing experience.

We provided live standings every round, and collaborated with stats guru (and Magic Hall of Famer!) Frank Karsten to ensure that the complete metagame breakdown was available throughout the tournament.

The detailed breakdown extended into the “Other” category, and viewers definitely took notice.

The other important feature that we rolled out for MC London was live standings. Viewers loved having the ability to follow their favorite players.


The CardBoard Live team wants to give a huge shout-out to the Wizards of the Coast team responsible for making MC London happen: Stewart Kelpe, Adam Styborski, Shaun Roe, Nick Bartoletti, Adam Contini, Greg Collins, Ben Drago, John McAuley, and Mike Rosenberg.

Apologies if we missed a name or two…you all know who you are 🙂

Special props go to Riley Knight, who was a HUGE supporter of CBL and plugged us countless times on the air. This is in addition to him simply being a dashing fellow, of course. Riley, you are simply the best.

Memorable moments

[Bonus segment] sights around London

What’s London without a little bit of exploration?

Who is building CardBoard Live?

Thanks for reading!

Wilson Hunter and James Hsu

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